Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, CANADA



Field Day 2023 Set-up for VE8YK 1B TER Sandpits (VE8IR)

NEW - Field Day Report

Field Day is an annual event where amateur radio operators across North America (and beyond) set up an emergency amateur radio communications centre and run it for 24 hours.  While dressed-up as a competition, it is partly to promote the amateur radio service and partly to carry out a continental emergency exercise.  Points are awarded for emergency-related activities including the handling of messages, low power operation, alternative power, contacts made via digital and CW (i.e. Morse Code).  In some ways this is a minimalist exercise in that we operate using modern technologies but operate independent of infrastructure.  Radio signals are bounced off the atmosphere, not through fibre optic cables or telephone lines.  This is particularly useful when infrastructure is damaged such as in an earthquake or tornado or ... a sneak attack by the Cylons.  

The Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society finished RAC/ARRL Field Day in the afternoon of 2023-06-25 after operating for 24 hours at the Sandpits.  And no this is not a tropical beach...

Our 1B TER station ran well and we made a variety of contacts despite a very significant auroral oval.

The Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society had its AGM on 2023-06-18.  In attendance were VE8WD, VE8JJ, VE8BOB and VE8IR.  Newly elected directors are as follows:

  • VE8WD - President
  • VE8JJ - Vice-President
  • VE8IR - Secretary-Treasurer
  • VE8MT - Technical Director

The Warning Order for the Field Day 2023 is at: Documents/Warning Order 01-2023.pdf  .  Field Day 2023 preparations are underway.  Part of this contest/exercise is in the nature of training.  The paperwork side is an important aspect in our emergency preparedness.  The full Operations Order will be forthcoming shortly.