2015 Frostbite 50 Images

On 28 March 2015 the Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society provided emergency radio communications for the Multisport Club and its ski, snow shoeing and running marathon.  Stations were set up at the Yellowknife Ski Club (base), Walsh Lake, Cassidy Point, North Prosperous Lake and on the Dettah Road.  Participants included VE8KC, VE8WD, VE8AEG, VE8MT, VE8IR, VE8CB and VE8BOB.  The weather was sunny and warm (about +2 degrees).

Coupled to this exercise was also the operation and manning of a commercial radio set up for use by YKSARS and CASARA.  YARS members manned this radio too.

The event, from the radio perspective, went off without a hitch.  The InnovAntenna LFQ 2 m 3 element Quad was tested in the field and it performed very well.  The first few images show assembly and testing of this antenna prior to the event.  The antenna was fairly easy to assemble and its performance was extremely good. 

In the last few years YARS has been focussing on improving its antennas with outstanding results.  Where, in the past, reception was marginal, the field antennas have increasingly become high peforming and capable of hearing all traffic from all checkpoints.  We look forward to more field trials on 5 April with the Northwestel Ski Loppet.