Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, CANADA




[Update 19 December 2021]

 Hello Folks,

Band  Mode      QSOs    Pts          Sec        Pt/Q

14      USB        137        1010      11         7.4
21      CW          5            10          0          2.0
21      USB        34          156        3          4.6
28      CW          1            2           0           2.0
28      USB        69          258        1           3.7
Total  Both      246        1436      15          5.8

Score: 21,540

1 Mult = 16.4 Q's
Below are the results of only 5-ish hours running single-op VE8RAC. The big highlight for this year was that 10m finally opened. I either caught it late or it was just open for a short time, but VE3 land lit up for about 1 1/2 hours as did many other stateside stations. Included in that opening were a couple PY5 stations and an LU1. VY1 on 20m was a nice surprise as the Yukon is generally in the 20m dead zone into YK (and of course the VY0 remains ever-elusive). VE7s from the lower mainland were all very strong on 20m, as were VE6 Stations located around Calgary and south. There were no VE8 Mults in the log L

Unfortunately running time was cut short. First and foremost, noise levels at St Pats were horrendous. S9 with pre-amp on and S7 without. It was a struggle to pick-out weaker stations, and I suspect a greater frustration for others calling. This is probably a culmination of many factors such as general downtown city noise, influx of LED lighting, overhead powerlines nearby, and perhaps antenna/feedline maintenance issues. 

For me, regardless of conditions, RAC contests remain a highlight of  winter and summer HAM activities.

73 - Happy Holidays


Daylight savings time ends at 0200 hrs on Sunday, November 7, 2021.  One will need to set the clocks backwards 1 hour to 0100 hrs Sunday, November 7, 2021. 

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